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G&F Trail at Bullard Creek Wildlife Management Area

The Sweet Onion Rail Trail, as part of the G&F Trail, will pass through the 17,016-acre Bullard Creek Wildlife Management Area crossing the Altamaha River from Montgomery County to Jeff Davis County. My wife and I had a wonderful time today riding our gravel bikes out to the south end of the Altamaha River Bridge. Our photos don’t do it justice, but here are a few pictures from today’s ride.

The yellow dots show our out and back bicycle route from the Towns Bluff Park to the south end of the abandoned bridge. The photos below were taken on the north-south approach to the abandoned G&FRR Bridge, above.

The trestle bridge timbers look to be in great condition.

While we had fun dodging mud puddles and pedaling over the forest floor, the rail-trail will be high above this flood plain, on the abandoned train trestle. The 1908 trestle has stood the test of time, and is ready now to be repurposed for walking, bicycling, skating, etc…

Beauty like this will be enjoyed safely from the rail-trail above.
Here’s where the trestle bridge connects to the steel and concrete bridge over the river.


The Altamaha River Bridge


  1. This is a blog, so please share your thoughts. Thanks!

  2. Judy Braswell VanScoy

    Before I pass from this world, my hope and prayer is that I will learn of the completion of the Sweet Onion Trail. To whom should I send a letter to get this project moving?

    God bless.

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